IMMT Mining

IMMT is mined in real-time and deposited into PancakeSwap along with USDT collateral once a block is created.
One advantage of the IMMT token is that it has a minimum token price maintained by the USDT collateral at the time of distribution.

How to participate in mining

1. Create a wallet

Create a wallet

Create in MetaMask

2. Register wallet address

Register wallet address

Introduction to the mining process

We will explain our unique mining method.

1. Rewards accumulated as users use the platform services.
This is called the user contribution.
Example: Fees generated during trade are accumulated as rewards.

2. One block is generated when rewards reach $1000.

3. Once a block is generated, it is deposited into PancakeSwap along with USDT collateral.

4. Rewards are given in IMMT tokens according to the user contribution.

* Reward details can be checked in the dashboard > reward program.

5. Users exchange rewarded IMMT tokens on PancakeSwap.

Safe mining

We are mining IMMT safely. Please check IMMT token and PancakeSwap page.

IMMT token